• Facebook Advertising

Online google advertising and social media advertising are the modern brand ambassadors. Our focus is on kickstarting global online presence of new / existing websites and growing businesses 

Our Facebook Advertising provides the following advantages:

  Engagement Ads

Engagement ads refers to the number of actions taken at your Business Page's post as a result of our particular ad. It includes shares, likes and comments that your post receives in a day, or 28 days after clicking on your ad.

   Promotion Ads

Are you aware that an average Business Page's content reaches only about 16% of the Page's fans and the reach out percentage keeps decreasing, according to Facebook's algorithm changes?  A business must conduct promotion ads to stand out and go beyond the 16%.

  Conversion Ads

We will help you run the conversion ads campaign, which allow you to measure the ROI of your Facebook ads that display on your website. We will implement a tracking code at your site where conversions take place (e.g, checkouts, sign ups).

  Facebook Retargeting

By Facebook retargeting, we mean that we will capture groups of audiences who visited your website and didn't act. From there, we will create custom ads to show them on their Facebook news feed, which they are likely to be interested in, and act upon.