Meet Ludwig, The Deaf Composer

By Thomas Kaisuka | | Updated On: Tue, 06/01/2021 - 08:44

Meet Ludwig, The Deaf Composer
Ludwig The Deaf Composer
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My late night “geeking” has led me to so many hilarious discoveries. Well, I couldn’t let this one here pass.
Ludwig Beethoven was one talented guy who unfortunately died completely deaf ???? . How sad..


For the past week, having gotten my Commerce 2.0 installed on my Drupal 8 site, i ran into problems updating the Drupal core.
I had gotten accustomed to updating manually via my tar balls extract----traditional $ drush updb blah blah blah...
So i ran over all the stack overflows i could find. Clearly having installed Drupal Commerce 2.0 via Composer {A PHP dependency manager} had complicated my usual "blah blah" of updating the Drupal core. It became inevitable to update my Drupal core using Composer {How sad...again}


In a previous Drupal 8 Meetup i organised,i INEVITABLY had to resort to command line to install Drupal Commerce and half my audience almost walked out {Oh Dear Me}

My latest interactions with Drupal enthusiasts and actual Drupalists have made me realize that some web designers {not developers} have sworn, taken it never to use Command line or don't want to even hear a talk about it. {Oh, hello Wix web designers} ????
In a previous Drupal 8 Meetup, i INEVITABLY had to resort to command line to install Drupal Commerce and half my audience almost walked out (Oh Dear Me)

 After crawling allover Google for answers, i stumbled upon Ludwig, a Drupal 8 module that in lay man language simplifies what Composer can do by providing a rather friendly user interface for installing PHP libraries required by Commerce 2.0

Here's the catch: LUDWIG WAS A DEAF COMPOSER. Hence the module's name. This module can only download required PHP dependencies after you have manually uploaded the Drupal commerce sub modules that require those libraries and even so you still have clear the site cache. On the other hand, Composer does all that automatically.
Well i guess the module maintainers had to get a way of "softly" or better stated indirectly offending the non-command line users.


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