5 Graphic Design Tools to use To Brand Your YouTube Channel

By Thomas Kaisuka | | Updated On: Wed, 05/04/2022 - 09:05

5 Graphic Design Tools to use To Brand Your YouTube Channel

Branding your content has never been more important, getting your message out there simply and effectively is the best thing a YouTuber can do. You want to be recognized and shared as much as possible. There are so many graphic design tools out there that can help you to brand your YouTube videos. You don’t need to have any design qualifications to create amazing looking projects. Here are our top five graphic design tools that we think you’ll love using to brand your YouTube channel. How they can help you, where to find them and what makes them so useful.

Animoto is a brilliant find. Use it to add a watermark or logo to your YouTube video. Design a logo that makes your business pop by using an free logo design resource like this. Import it into Animoto and you are ready to add it to all your YouTube videos. This will get people to recognize your brand and builds an excellent rapport with followers.
Use Crello to design your own branded YouTube video intros and openers. Put your logo as the background as you introduce the video and subscribers will know they have the right video. Use it to create personalized thumbnails too. Thumbnails can be a great place to add your logo, make sure it stands out. That way when people access your other social media channels they will already know how to look for your brand.
Design Wizard
This is a great tool to use for anything from a social media post to a leaflet. They have hundreds of design templates that you can edit for free. They have a specially designed YouTube Channel Art section on their website where you can use their templates to create professional and one of a kind banner artwork for your channel.
Canva is another great option if you want to create banner artwork or a thumbnail for your YouTube account. Design from scratch with them or use their templates to help you create an effective and exciting thumbnail. Check that you have designed everything to be the right size with Canva’s handy YouTube size guide.
YouTube Creator Academy
We can’t not mention the YouTube creator academy. This is where you will learn everything YouTube. Watch videos on how best to brand your content and how to choose the right tools for your channel. Use their Channel Customization tool to choose the best layout for your channel. Create an effective brand identity for yourself with their branding tools.
Google Docs
Use the Google Docs app to save your premade content all in one place. This way you can create more content on the move and access what you already have from anywhere as long as you have your mobile phone with you. Be sure to save your logo into a folder on Google Docs so you can have easy access.

Remember that a well-designed logo is the secret to starting off with the optimal chance of success. If subscribers to your YouTube channel recognize you with one click, they will trust your brand. There is a reason why companies across advertising history have all had one, defining logo and stuck to it. Make sure you are ahead of the game and always brand all of your content, be it YouTube videos themselves with images and watermarks, banners, intros or thumbnails. You can even wear branded merchandise in your videos to get the message across with a bam! Plus, you might find you start selling the merch itself to excited subscribers, so that’s a bonus!


Edited By: Ellen Gillespie